You matter. You’re loved. You have worth and value beyond your wildest dreams…and deepest fears.

This is why you can have hope.

Hope for now. Hope for the future.

The journey to your hope-filled “now” and “not yet,” begins in a surprising place—the pages of Bible prophecy. Thousands have attended this life-changing Bible Prophecy Seminar in person. Now the adventure can begin in your own home. Right now.



  • Talking Stones
  • Battle with An Angel
  • The Great Controversy
  • Seeing the Invisible
  • The Emmanuel Factor
  • Salvation in One Word YES
  • Love is a P Word
  • The Radical Repentence of Christ
  • Real World Repentance
  • Back to Eden
  • The Day Love Thundered
  • Who Moved the Mark
  • One 7th in Time
  • Unmasking the Antichrist
  • Testimony of the Tomb
  • Dead Wrong
  • Hell and Abraham's Hairy Chest
  • The Time is at Hand
  • Symbols of Salvation
  • The Spirit of Prophecy
  • Jesus Chooses His Church
  • Baptism in a Cup
  • Dollars and $ense
  • The US in Bible Prophecy
  • The Great Comeback
  • The Inheritance

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  This seminar is AMAZING! I have learned more in the past few weeks than my 20 years of attending church.  

-Barbara D.
  Finally Bible prophecy that makes sense. I couldn’t believe how clear and simple everything was. I had almost given up hope to ever really understand Revelation.  

-Matt R.
  This seminar has changed my life. Through these presentations, I met a Jesus I never knew. I had heard of Jesus, but He never seemed real until now.  

-Ana G.